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• Sunday 5th January - Food
• Sunday 2nd February - Stuff
• Sunday 2nd March - Art
• Sunday 6th April - Love
• Sunday 4th May - Faith

TARTAN JESUS?... weaving the distinctive fabric of a nation

Our final Holy City of the session is 'Tartan Jesus? - Faith' on Sunday 4th May...

... with Karine Polwart on the cultural imagination and faith in the future, Linda Woodhead on spirituality and how folk think of God today, and David Bradwell shares the process and outcomes of the Church of Scotland's recent nationwide crowd-sourcing project 'Imagining Scotland’s Future'.

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HOLY CITY’s theme from January to May 2014 is ‘Tartan Jesus? ... weaving the distinctive fabric of a nation’, in which we set out to explore some of the pressing issues facing Scotland in the run-up to September’s Referendum on independence; issues that are crucial both within and without the boundaries of this wee nation, and which will remain so, whether the Referendum’s renders a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ result.

Each evening consists of participative, reflective workshops and liturgy engaging body, mind and spirit.

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BODY... Flesh and bones and earthy faith

Holy City October - December 2013

Holy City
's October to December 2013 programme is entitled 'Body' and explores and celebrates ways that flesh, bone, spirit, senses, head and heart are understood in historical and contemporary, biblical and church experience. Each evening consists of participative, reflective workshops and liturgy engaging body, mind and spirit.

The three events will be on the first Sunday of the month:
6th October, 3rd November, 1st December 2013 @ 6.30-9.30pm
in Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow.

October 2013
Bony Bodies
November 2013
Heavenly Bodies
November 2013
The Troubles Of Job
December 2013
Earthy Bodies
January 2014
Tartan Jesus? - Food
February 2014
Tartan Jesus? - Stuff
March 2014
Tartan Jesus? - Art
April 2014
Tartan Jesus? - Love
April 2014
Travelling Towards Easter
May 2014
Tartan Jesus? - Faith
Tartan Jesus?
Holy City is most generously hosted by the congregation and minister (Peter Gardner) of Renfield St Stephen's Centre in their Centre. We are deeply grateful for their long-standing support and hospitality. Nor should we forget those other stars and starlettes from RSS, our seductively lovely Tea Team: Sheila, Helen, Graham, Fiona & Alec.
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