Holy City 2014-15: 'NORMAL SERVICE'...

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... will not be (p)resumed

Scotland has had its Referendum, the die has been cast and normality has been restored. Or has it? Is a new normal appearing?

Jesus repeatedly challenged ‘business-as-usual’ and the status quo. His words and actions - often starkly - called into question the assumptions, prejudices and complacencies of his society. He set out an alternative, perhaps even an abnormal narrative: that of the upside-down kingdom.

In Holy City’s 2014-15 ’Normal Service’, we’ll be questioning some of the accepted norms of our land, and of the world today. We’ll be looking at aspects such as community, health, money, media, language, environment, status, imagination and power.

How do we move beyond our own experience and self-interest towards a collaborative and compassionate commonweal? How can we translate good and faithful intentions into meaningful actions which have real and lasting consequences? And will we allow the truth to set us free? Or are we comfortable and content with resumed normal service?

2014-15 (Phase 2)

Note: the timings of each event varies from month to month

Sunday 4th January - 'A wee turn or two' @ 6.30-7.45pm onwards
An Epiphany liturgy (and thereafter in The Griffin Bar function room for a wee social time)

Sunday 1st February
- 'A wholly healthy public domain?' @ 3.00-8.30pm
This month, we welcome SIR HARRY BURNS, Scotland’s former Chief Medical Officer and currently Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University to a new-look occasional format for Holy City. More info...

Sunday 1st March - 'Positive money matters' @ 3.00-8.30pm
This month, we welcome RICHARD TAYLOR of Positive Money. More info...

Sunday 5th April - 'The odd evening stroll' @ 6.30pm - later
An Easter evening liturgical installation followed by a performance by the excellent Ashton Lane (ESTHER O'CONNOR & GRAEME DUFFIN). More info...

Sunday 3rd May - ‘Just equality’ @ 3.00-8.30pm
An interactive exploration of the issues and challenges around gender equality, with LESLEY ORR. More info…

Sunday 7th June - 'Columba of Iona’ @ 6.30-9.30m
A liturgy celebrating the saint’s life followed by a gig with Hinba. More info…

All at Renfield St Stephen’s, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow

2014-15 (Phase 1)

Sunday 5th October - 'The Story So Far' @ 6.30-9.30pm

Sunday 2nd November
- 'The Saints & The Peacemakers' @ 6.30-9.30pm

Sunday 7th December - 'Angels of blessing, challenge and redirection' @ 6.30-9.30pm
More info...

All at Renfield St Stephen’s, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow

Download the Holy City 'NORMAL SERVICE' A4 poster here


Special event:
Friday 5th - Saturday 6th December
Urban Retreat with PÁDRAIG Ó TUAMA: 'Jesus & The Pharisees'
More info...

Download the 'Jesus & The Pharisees' A5 flyer

0141 332 6343

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Next HOLY CITY event:

7th June @ 6.30pm

'Normal Service: Columba of Iona’

… an evening liturgy celebrating the saint’s life, followed by refreshments and a gig by the excellent
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Each Holy City evening consists of participative, reflective activities and liturgy engaging body, mind and spirit.

Holy City is a monthly event, a rendezvous of faithful folk, curious enquirers and compelling doubters, drawn from the whole, glorious spectrum of Christian tradition, its edges and beyond. All are welcome, irrespective of practice or preference.

Holy City is organised by the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community - John L. Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule - and a fine and motley crew of citizens - the immaculate Holy City Planning Group, and in collaboration with Renfield St Stephens Church & The Iona Community.
Holy City is most generously hosted by the congregation and minister (Peter Gardner) of Renfield St Stephen's Centre in their Centre. We are deeply grateful for their long-standing support and hospitality. Nor should we forget those other stars and starlettes from RSS, our seductively lovely Tea Team: Sheila, Helen, Graham, Fiona & Alec.
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