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HOLY CITY: 'Heavenly Bodies'

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Second instalment of Holy City's 2013 programme, 'BODY... flesh and bones and earthy faith'

This month - in 'Heavenly Bodies' - we celebrate inspirational figures, saints, memory and remembering, grief, heaven and earth and other kingdom things.


'Mary Lily Walker - Forgotten Visionary of Dundee'

PETE KINNEAR will introduce us to one of Scotland's too-often forgotten saintly women, Mary Lily Walker. The session will take the form of short biographical input, covering what transformed her, what did she do, what is her legacy. Thereafter there will be a time for Q&A. Pete has spent 5 years working as a meteorologist and some 30 years or so in the field of nature conservation. He is one of the team of four folk who have worked on the research for the Mary Lily Walker book, which will be published this coming June. He is am currently researching the correspondence between Mary Lily Walker & Professor D'Arcy Thompson.

'Anam Cara - Soul Friend'

Deep interest in 'heavenly embodient' and deep engagement with spirituality is not the sole preserve of Christians, nor only of established (sic) religions. One of the initiatives of the Church of Scotland's Mission and Discipleship Council over recent years has been ‘Anam Cara’ – Christian outreach & dialogue amongst those interested in spirituality, but not necessarily Christianity, through engagement at Mind, Body & Spirit fairs. This interactive session will explore something of the why and how of this type of work and examine some basic principles in a setting that gives a flavour of the experience of attending the fairs. LESLEY HAMILTON-MESSER works as Church Without Walls Team Leader.

‘Sacred Scripts, Ordinary Objects and New Visions’

Liz Lochead, Psalm 139, and Norman MacCaig. What scripts?
Shoes, cabbage white and violins. What objects?
Rembrandt and Rothko. Which images?

This creative and participatory workshop with IAN STIRLING invites you to explore and examine the scripts, objects and visions that you turn to in order to make sense of the mystery and moment of death. For the last ten years has been the chaplain at the Ayrshire Hospice and is currently doing research on spiritual care in palliative care. In the past, he has enjoyed coaching and playing rugby at Ayr, but now relaxes in the garden with his family.

‘Don't judge by appearances’

A chance to creatively delve into a lesser-known angelic encounter portrayed in the Bible, with KATY LOW & JO LOVE, sharing what we make of it and seeing where it takes us in our understanding of the meetings between heaven and earth. KATY is an active volunteer with the team of the Ignatian Spirituality Centre, a gifted potter, and an occasional truck driver in the name of humanitarian aid. Among her deep spiritual convictions is the feeling that her guardian angel must be eternally fraught. JO is a member of the Wild Goose Resource Group & Holy City team.


‘The Company of Heaven’

An embodied, participative liturgy on our 'saints': those who have affirmed, inspired and shaped us by their example, kindness and challenge. In sound, silence, song and symbolic action.

@ 6.30-9.30pm
Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow.

Heavenly Bodies event
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Holy City is most generously hosted by the congregation and minister (Peter Gardner) of Renfield St Stephen's Centre in their Centre. We are deeply grateful for their long-standing support and hospitality. Nor should we forget those other stars and starlettes from RSS, our seductively lovely Tea Team: Sheila, Helen, Graham, Fiona & Alec .
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